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Davo collecting without borders


If you plan to keep your collection for some time and want to ensure it stays in excellent condition, a Davo quality album for storing your stamps is worth the investment.

Uitgeverij Davo, a company based in Deventer (Holland), was founded in 1945 as a publishing company of one-country pre-printed Davo stamp albums. The first album published was about The Netherlands with the title ‘Nederlandsche postzegels in den oorlog’.

In 1953, the famous Dutch artist M.C. Escher designed the company logo well known in the philatelic circles. Although DAVO changed its logo in the recent year, this fantastic and unique logo is still in use for the album production.


The most popular brand for the philately brand

DAVO expanded the production of albums to almost every West-European country and became in the 70's one of the most popular brand for the philately world. Rapidly, most the albums existed in three versions to accommodate every budget and collector.

Collecting without borders is part of the success of the brand

Nowadays, DAVO counts a 100 employees located in Holland and Poland. The company offers its services to the postal administrations of 25 countries for the publishing of philatelic books, documents and souvenirs. Collecting without borders is part of the success of the brand.

Over the years, DAVO has completed its assortment Davo albums of products for the collector with Stamp albums, Mounts, Blank leaves, Stock pages/ leaves, First Day Cover albums, Kosmos system, Coin articles, Various albums, Stockbooks, Tweezers, Magnifiers, and more. All of the products are of excellent quality. Philatelicly offers already: Davo stamp albums, Davo stockbooks en Davo Easy mounts.

DAVO Printed Albums


High capacity album for the starters.

Excellent value for money !


Included in Standard

A finely-woven fabric
navy blue binder

A blue protective case

100gr/sm acid free
cartridge paper pages


Luxe edition with your own choice of mounts

Have it you way !

DAVO-NL-LX-album-VI-2008-1 (1)

Included in Standard-Luxe

A padded leatherette
navy blue binder

A luxury splicase

170gr/sm acid free
cartridge paper pages


The optimal comfort for the collector.

A complete solution !


Included in Luxe

A padded leatherette
navy blue binder

A luxury splicase

170gr/sm acid free
cartridge paper pages

crystal clear mounts


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