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Halloween Stamps: 15 Spooky Legends from Canada

Author: Emil Drkusic
Date: 28/10/2021

In the previous article, we got moderately scared. Now it’s time to get properly scared with spooky legends from Canada presented on Halloween-related stamps.

O Canada

Canada Post does really great business all the way since 1867. There were some classic issues along the way, but there are some that are pretty thematic.

Personally, I have nothing against the heads of the presidents on stamps, but they usually don’t present much more history than the fact somebody was a president. And the design of the stamp is also pretty much as expected.

So, my personal preferences are sheets like these ones we’ll see today, those ones that have much to say.

So once, more, thank you O Canada Post, for these sheets. It all started in 2014 and continued with new sheets in 2015 and 2016.

Halloween 2014

Everything started in 2014. On June 13, this 5-stamps sheet was issued. In fact, the booklet of 10, the uncut press sheet of 8 souvenir sheets and prepaid postcards (1 of each design) were also issued.

Haunted Canada – 2014

Each stamp is related to one of the ghost stories collected from all over the Canada. The denomination of each stamp is “P”, meaning that stamps are permanent, similar to the ST and FOREVER stamps in the UK and USA. You buy them today at the current price and you’ll be able to use them anytime in the future to send mails weighing up to 30g anywhere in the Canada. You can also combine them with other stamps to send mail even internationally.

2014 Haunted Stories

Five stories presented on these stamps are (starting from left to right, upper row first, then lower row):

  • Ghost Bride: The story of the ghost bride comes from Alberta, where employees and guests of the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel have reported seeing a figure of the supposed ghost bride. It's believed that she died on her wedding day.
  • Ghost Train: This legend is related to “St. Louis Light” that was reported in the Saskatchewan River Valley. The legend claims that the conductor lost his head to the passing train while examining tracks with the lantern (woohoo, a lantern).
  • Haunted: This one is much more classical and could be found in really many cultures. It’s related to the War of 1812 and the Fort George (Ontario). Legends say that all kinds of sounds could be heard in the fort, plus some extra scary stuff like cold spots and even physical contact.
  • Count of Frontenac: This legend comes from the Quebec region. If we believe in it, we could actually meet this guy in his 17th-century outfit. I think that would actually be cool in its’ own way.
  • Phantom Ships: For the last 200 years, this legend is pretty much alive for some residents of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. Burning ships could be seen in the waters between New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island. After some time, they would disappear into the mist.

Halloween 2015

In 2015, Canada Post continued this series with a new sheet and 5 new stamps introducing five new “old legends”. The new sheet was issued on September 14, along with the booklet pane of 10, the uncut press sheet of 8 souvenir sheets and prepaid postcards (1 of each design).

Haunted Canada - 2015

Five new “old” stories presented on these stamps are (starting from left to right, upper row first, then lower row):

  • Brakeman: This legend from British Columbia claims that the Waterfront Stations as well nearby bars and restaurants are all haunted.
  • Red River: From Manitoba comes the legend of the ox cart driven by phantoms and a pair of oxen. This legend dates back to 1903 when soldiers in the Red River Valley’s Fort Garry claimed these visions.
  • Halifax Citadel: The legend of the Gray Lady that is wandering around the Halifax citadel dressed in 19th-century dress mourning her lost love comes from Nova Scotia.
  • Marie-Josephte Corriveau: In 1763, Marie was executed on charges of murder. Since then, accordingly, to the legend from Quebec, her soul walks around at night trying to approach and establish contain with people passing by.
  • Caribou Hotel: Caribou Hotel was built in Bennett, Yukon, in 1898 at the start of the Klondike Gold Rush. The legend says that the ghost of the co-owner, Bessie Gideon, wanders around. And yes, her grave was never found.

Halloween 2016

Last sheet (so far) from the Haunted-series happened on September 8, 2016. Five new scary stories from all over Canada are once more used as the main motif for the five stamps on the sheet. On that date, the booklet pane of 10, the souvenir sheet of 5, the uncut press sheet of 8 souvenir sheets and prepaid postcards (5 designs) were issued.

Haunted Canada - 2016

New stories from 2016 are (starting from left to right, upper row first, then lower row):

  • Bell Island Hag: This legend from Newfoundland and Labrador tells the story of the spirit living in the marshes near Dobbin’s Garden. The spirit overpowers a single victim and repeats the words “No one came to help me when I died in that swamp. No one will help you. Now taste what I tasted and smell what I smelled as my life was taken from me.”.
  • Dungarvon Whooper: From New Brunswick comes the legend of the ghost of the cook who was chased down and killed lumberjacks who wanted to cover up his murder. Accordingly, to the residents of Miramichi, the cries could be heard from his grave still now.

And 3 More Haunted Stories

  • Winter Garden Theatre: We’re back to Ontario for the legend of the Winter Garden Theatre. The ghost of the woman appeared in the theatre and the seats flipped like someone was sitting on them, although no one was present.
  • Lady in White: This legend from Quebec is one more related to the ghost of the girl who took her life because she was overwhelmed with the grief after hearing that her loved one died in the war. Her cry can still be heard these days.
  • Phantom Bell Ringers: This legend from Prince Edward Island dates back to October 7, 1853. Church bells were ringing and when two men chased back four women to the tower they found only the bell ringing. Later that day the accident on sea happened to take the lives of 7 persons.

I hope that today you got at least a little scared or if nothing more, informed about the myths you haven’t heard so far. If nothing more, I hope you at least got an idea for your costume. Have fun and be good!

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