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Maastricht Treaty on Stamps

Author: Emil Drkusic
Date: 29/05/2024

Maastricht Treaty or The Treaty on European Union was signed on the February 7, 1992, and became effective on November 1, 1993. It's the foundation treaty of the European Union.

Treaty of Rome

Treaty of Rome / Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union / TFEU has been effective since 1958. It was the first step towards forming the European Union as it's today. This treaty sets up European Economic Community (EEC). It was signed by six founding member states - Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and West Germany.

Maastricht Treaty stamp

10th Anniversary of the Maastricht Treaty

San Marino – 2002/06/03

1.24 € (Euro)

This treaty set up rules for the functioning of EU internal market, and defined policies in different areas like agriculture, transport, and competition.

"We can never sufficiently emphasize that the six Community countries are the forerunners of a broader, united Europe…" – Jean Monnet, 1978.

"Europe will not be built in a day, nor to an overall design; it will be built through practical achievements that first establish a sense of common achievement." – Robert Schuman, 1950.

Maastricht Treaty

Maastricht Treaty / Treaty on European Union / TEU has been effective since 1993. "The Maastricht Treaty was signed on 7 February 1992 and had a profound impact on European integration. The EU, as we know it today owes its name and its nature to a treaty born in a Dutch city on the banks of the Meuse. The Maastricht Treaty established the European Union, paved the way for the euro and created EU citizenship." - www.consilium.europa.eu

Maastricht Treaty stamp

10th Anniversary of the Maastricht Treaty

Germany – 2003/11/13

55 ct (Euro cent)

The was signed by Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom.

With that in mind, Maastricht Treaty had an impact on the lives of millions of people, at the time it was signed. Still, it’s effect is even greater today, because EU now has 27 countries and the population of around 450 million people.

Maastricht Treaty stamp

30th Anniversary of the Maastricht Treaty

Italy – 2023/11/01

1.30 € (Euro), on day of issue

Besides the creation of European Union, Maastricht Treaty pawed the way for EU currency (Euro), introduced the concept of European citizenship and also has a big impact on many policies, especially justice and home affairs, common foreign and security policy.

At the end, let’s take a look at what some of the most important European politicians at that time had to say about the Maastricht Treaty:

"We’re not just here to make a single market, but a political union." – Jacques Delors, EU Commission President, 1993.

"Those in favour of the creation of a European state want to see all European co-operation channelled through the institutions established by the Treaty of Rome. We do not accept that model." – Douglas Hurd, British Foreign Secretary, 1989-1995.

"The European Union Treaty… within a few years will lead to the creation of what the founding fathers of modern Europe dreamed of after the war, the United States of Europe." – Helmut Kohl, German Chancellor, 1992.

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