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Nature and Philately: Dogs on Stamps – Europe 2020

Author: Emil Drkusic
Date: 30/10/2020

Dogs – man’s best friends and a star of many (pop) cultures issues. From music to film, we probably all heard of Lassie, the Old Yeller, or 101 Dalmatians. However, I believe that most of us who have the experience first remember our pet when the word is mentioned – a childhood retriever, a pug we adopted when the children were a little older, a greyhound with which we spent active hours in the park or a collie with whom we conquered mountains. No wonder post offices all over the world issue stamps commemorating these loyal companions and furry bundles of joy – and this year was no different.


The Post of Norway and the Norwegian Kennel Club held a photo competition of the deserving dogs in 2020 and the jury picked four winning dogs, which were showcased on stamps issued in June this year.

The first stamp stars Whippet Flint who brings joy to the residents at an assisted living facility in Oslo. For her efforts, she and her owner and manager of the Norwegian Therapy Dog School, Ane Brit Sundal, were awarded the 2019 Dementia Award.

Norway 2020 dog stamp

Norway – 2020-06-12

Innland 20g º - No Face Value

Norwegian Lundehund Zkipper has sailed around Northern Norway and lived on a boat along with his human, Johnny Leo Johansen. Zkipper was a great companion and also picked up trash along the shoreline – being loyal to his owner but also the entire community.

Norway 2020 dog stamp

Norway – 2020-06-12

Innland 20g º - No Face Value

Milo is a nine-year-old Great Dane who had a tough start to life. Fortunately, when he was two, he was adopted by Monja Elisabeth Strømnes and now lives as a friendly lap dog – as it should be!

Norway 2020 dog stamp

Norway – 2020-06-12

Innland 20g º - No Face Value

Belgian shepherd dog (Malinois) Altea worked as a mine dog for Norwegian People's Aid. During her eight years in service she helped ensure safer roads to school for children in Ethiopia and South Sudan. Nowadays Altea is enjoying retirement with Roy Solbakken – very well deserved, if you ask us!

Norway 2020 dog stamp

Norway – 2020-06-12

Innland 20g º - No Face Value


This year was the year of the dogs in the Nordic stamp issues! Presenting the winning dogs in the incredibly popular competition that PostNord launched jointly with the Swedish Kennel Club in the spring of 2020 a sheet of 10 stamps with 5 motifs was issued in August this year.

The stamps starred Håkan, Olsson, Ailo, Woody, and Fanny and Athos, all dogs with special stories living in Sweden. These dogs were selected among 30,000 fantastic entries which testify to their uniqueness.

Sweden 2020 dogs stamp

Sweden – 2020-08-27

10*BREV º - No Face Value

To give you a gist of what these animals are like, Ailo works as a reindeer herder, loves his job, and is perfectly happy to work 365 days a year. He travels to work with his owner on a quad bike or a snowmobile. Outside work, he is both a fitness companion and a family dog.

Woody is a golden retriever and Instagram influencer who lives in Linköping with his family. He enjoys spending time outdoors and through his Instagram account @woodielicious spreads the word about Sweden’s wonderful scenery, inspiring others to get outside.

You can read more about the rest of these amazing dogs in the official PostNord booklet announcing the issue.


Witnessing the digital age, the Austrian Post has issued a new set of four stamps Called Crypto Stamp 2.0. This set of four was issued in June, a little over a year after Austria released the world’s first blockchain, or crypto stamp, on June 11, 2019.

Crypto stamps can be used as an ordinary postage stamp for sending items in the post and also functions as a virtual collectible. The digital pendant is stored in the Blockchain, a special type of decentralized data storage.

Each of the beforementioned four stamps shows the head of an animal: a honey badger on a red background, llama on a green background, panda on a brown background, and a dog on a blue background.

Austria 2020 dog crypto stamp
Austria 2020 dog crypto stamp

Austria – 2020-06-25

700 ct - Euro cent


In May 2020 association "Slovenska Filantropija" organized the 21st edition of the National Volunteer Week with events taking place in various parts of Slovenia. The National Volunteer Week aims to celebrate volunteering, allow volunteers to come together, introduce volunteering, volunteer organizations, and volunteer work to the general public, and thank volunteers for their contribution to a better society.

To commemorate this event, Slovenian Post issued a special miniature sheet designed by Zlatko Drčar. This colorful miniature sheet featured several characters carrying out voluntary work – and amongst others the star of our show – a service dog! Just in case you forgot how amazing these animals are –assistance or service is a dog trained to aid or assist an individual with a disability. Many are trained by an assistance dog organization, or by their handler, often with the help of a professional trainer. Common service dog breeds include German Shepherd Dogs, Labs, and Golden Retrievers.

Slovenia 2020 dog stamp

Slovenia – 2020-03-12

1.51 € - Euro

San Marino

You know we like to include interesting and special issues and this time we have two!

First is this Musical Domestic Animals series from San Marino showing a cat, a horse, a parrot and a dog playing musical instruments! Very interesting for any novelty collector!

San Marino 2020 dog stamp
San Marino 2020 dog stamp

San Marino – 2020-03-24

2.20 € - Euro


Another one for the novelty stamp collectors, and Following the last article on European wildcats where we showed the stamp of the Pope with a puma, here we present you the other stamp in the series – Pope with a dog.

Vatican 2020 dog stamp

Vatican City – 2020-02-14

2.40 € - Euro

We hope you enjoyed these 2020 dog issues and you found something to add to your collection – whether you have a specific country or theme in mind, or if you simply like something a bit different!

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