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Michel Catalog Südostasien 2022 (Ü 8.2)

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The 42nd edition of the Michel Catalog Südostasien 2022 (Ü 8.2) covers in detail the stamps of Burma, Brunei, French Indochina, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Malaya, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Timor, Vietnam. This edition contains approx. 1472 pages, 18'000 illustrations and over 88'200 quotations.



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Content Michel Catalog Südostasien 2022 (Ü 8.2):

Burma, Brunei, French Indochina, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Malaya, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Timor, Vietnam


  • All the ASEAN countries in 1 volume incl. stamps of Burma
  • Comprehensive catalog introduction with key information on usage and philatelic A-Z lexicon
  • Handy & high-quality catalog format including type differences, color and perforation varieties, first-day-cover valuations, reprints and much more
  • The first new edition since 2017!
  • Fully revised and updated including the revision of all price quotations and many modifications
  • Price increases are mainly found among the issues from Vietnam and the Federated Malay States, particularly the Straits Settlements.
  • More than 650 new color pictures make this new edition an even better reference work for collectors.
  • All novelties introduced in MICHEL Rundschau prior to and including 2/2022 have been catalogued
  • Over 18,000 colour photos and approx. 88,200 price appraisals

The catalog is organized according to collection areas. Cataloging within these sections is chronological, based on issue date. Special stamp types, like official stamps, are located at the end of a collection area section. In order to assist collectors organize their stamps, numerous illustrations are provided, as well as information on similar stamps to help avoid possible mix-ups.

Michel Catalog Südostasien 2022 (Ü 8.2)Michel Catalog Südostasien 2022 (Ü 8.2)Michel Catalog Südostasien 2022 (Ü 8.2) What do these Vietnamese stamps MiNo. 1052, MiNo. 1127 and MiNo. 1222 shown here have in common? A new and highly creative way of separating them by a postmaster instead of the formerly assumed line perforation as perforation variation C.

As always, “new“ should be considered to be relative since until recently there had been no proof that some of the stamp sheets issued between 1979 and 1982 were marked with a blue pencil and subsequently perforated by a sewing machine. Obviously these stamps were used locally for many years without being noticed and are thus even rarer. The appraisal of the individual specimens that show distinct differences because of a postmaster who obviously wasn’t all that experienced in arts & crafts is still a challenge. The earliest issue in question, 1052 C, however, already has an estimated value which is 100 times the value of the ordinary perforated version. A close look at your own Vietnam collection may therefore pay off – perhaps a few suspected sewing machine specimens have been tucked away in your album?

Photos: Vietnam MiNos. 1052, 1127 and 1222

Target Group:

Stamp collectors specialized in issues of ASEAN countries, experts, dealers, thematic collectors, study groups, teachers

Additional Information:

42nd Edition, in colour
1472 pages
155 mm x 230 mm, hardcover
On sale: 4 March 2022
Language: German
ISBN: 978-3-95402-378-3

Press Release:

This edition of the Michel Catalog Südostasien 2022 (Ü 8.2) contains the stamp issues from the greater area of Southeast Asia, which is a true treasure chest for collectors of motifs and countries. Here you will not only find the states of Farther India with Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Thailand but also the Federated Malay States and the Philippines to include Indonesia and Timor. Every country featured in this reference book is represented from the beginning to the latest issues available.

As is the case with every new edition of any MICHEL volume, the descriptions and the prices have been meticulously revised and updated, where necessary, for this Michel Catalog Südostasien 2022 (Ü 8.2). Particularly issues from Vietnam and the Federated Malay States, specially the Straits Settlements, show the tendency of price increases. All areas in this volume have been updated according to the latest state of research.

We were able to replace numerous old photographs with clearer scans while processing this edition. More than 650 new colour photos have found their way into this volume, making this edition even easier to use for collectors than previous editions.

All novelties that were published up to and including MICHEL Rundschau No. 2/2022 have been included in this edition; therefore issues up to 2021 have been taken into consideration based on the information available to us. A subscription to MICHEL Rundschau starting with No. 3/2022 or MICHEL Online is recommended so as not to miss any subsequent issues and to keep your cataloguing updated.

The Editorial Team greatly appreciates the support given by so many assistants, dealers, examiners and collectors who provided advice, suggestions, price information and supplementary information for the processing of this edition. It was their help that made it possible to turn the 2021/2022 MICHEL Southeast Asia again into the most updated standard work of Southeast Asian philately.

We hope you will be pleased with this catalogue and its new design and wish you lots of fun while spending time with your collection.

Schwaneberger Verlag


MICHEL provides top-quality information for collectors

Thanks to decades of experience and constant revision, the MICHEL catalogs are unmatched in terms of lay-out, comprehensiveness, accuracy and production. MICHEL catalogues provide all key information on stamps, postal stationary and coins. The systematic collection of data on collectable items, a well-organised system and detailed illustrations ensure easy use and a quick way to find required information. Each new edition of a MICHEL catalog is completely revised, updated and expanded so that it always reflects the latest situation on the market.

Users of the MICHEL catalogs value the comprehensive and detailed listings of collectable items. The MICHEL catalogs are among the best in the world when it comes to details, comprehensiveness and illustration. MICHEL products have been awarded well over 600 medals (including 31 gold), diplomas and honorary prizes in the course of the company’s history. The expertise of the Schwaneberger publishing house’s staff is outstandingly represented in the MICHEL catalogs.

The colourful, varied range of products includes standard and special-edition catalogues for Germany, Europe and overseas. There is also philatelic literature, the MICHEL-Exklusiv album, the MICHEL Colour Guide, the MICHEL-Lux examination lamp and the MICHEL-Rundschau monthly magazine. More than 85 different products in total.

MICHEL also enjoys a good reputation in electronic publishing thanks to various software programs, websites and e-catalogs. It is no wonder that the MICHEL catalogs have been known for years as the “philatelists’ bible”. However, bearing this accolade brings with it the responsibility of always remaining at the top with regard to quality.

The 669,000th MICHEL catalog number was issued recently. A look at the most important of the 85 different MICHEL catalogs reveals that the catalogues for Europe and overseas alone make up some 25,000 catalog pages. They contain 314,000 pictures and 1,800,000 price quotations. Most of this information is stored in powerful picture and text databases and is consulted, revised and corrected for each new edition of a MICHEL catalog. And of course that also applies to each individual page, irrespective of which MICHEL catalog it comes from. MICHEL goes to great lengths on its customers’ behalf. MICHEL’s editorial team spends an average of 45 minutes on research for each new set of stamps. Around 18,000 new stamps appear each year, which are then catalogued and published in the MICHEL-Rundschau, as well as in the relevant MICHEL catalog and online catalogue.

100 years of the MICHEL catalogue

It is more than 100 years since the stamp dealer Hugo MICHEL from Apolda in Thüringen published the first MICHEL stamp catalogue in 1909. He thereby created a product that would be continually be improved, but never surpassed. In the same year, publisher and philatelic editor Hugo Schwaneberger founded a publishing company that bore his name. The philatelist, who was well known in his field, created the Schwaneberger Album, the first album to adopt a scientific approach.

Owing to the great demand for MICHEL catalog, Hugo MICHEL was no longer able to dedicate himself to his career as a stamp dealer. He therefore sold the rights to the publisher Schwaneberger. The catalogue, which had only covered Europe until that point, was expanded by the new publishing house to include overseas countries.

Hugo MICHEL continued to edit the catalogue supplement, which is today known as the MICHEL-Rundschau. The company was then bought by the publisher Eugen Berlin. He moved it to Munich in 1950 where he came across a company, the Carl Geber printing works (now the Gerber Satz und Gerber publishing house) that was able to draw up the complicated catalogue typesetting. The publishing rights went to the Hohenester/Gerber families who assigned them to the publishing house, now trading as the “Schwaneberger Verlag”.

At the turn of the century other stamp catalogues had already appeared, but the remarkable success of the MICHEL catalog was attributed to its sophisticated and comprehensive cataloguing system. The stamps were numbered successively from the first number for each country, yet at the same time organised according to various sub-categories and genres, and described as fully as possible. This system was refined over the years and adapted where necessary - but never had to be changed! In fact, the MICHEL numbering system has become standard in Germany. This is underscored by the numerous licence contracts that the Schwaneberger Verlag has concluded with other publishers. All stock lists of German dealers are organised according to the MICHEL numbering system. Collectors exchange, buy and sell using MICHEL numbers.

Read more info about Michel Catalogs?

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Brunei, Cambodia, French Indochina, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Timor, Vietnam






Philately, Postal History, Stamps




ca. 1472

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