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Stanley Gibbons Southern Balkans Stamp Catalogue 1st Edition

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The Stanley Gibbons Southern Balkans Catalogue is the only catalogue published in English which covers all the stamp issues of the Southern Balkans in a single volume. It is a detailed and highly informative catalogue, ideal for any collector who specialises in the stamps of this area.



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The Stanley Gibbons Southern Balkans Stamp Catalogue is the only catalogue published in English which covers all the stamp issues of the Southern Balkans in a single volume. This new catalogue provides a comprehensive priced listing of the stamps of the Southern Balkans; Albania, Bulgaria, Greece and Macedonia. Prices have been thoroughly revised throughout by leading experts in the field.

It is a detailed and highly informative catalogue, ideal for any collector who specialises in the stamps of this area.

Information is provided at the beginning of each country, covering history, early stamp issues and currency changes, this information is designed to aid the collector in identifying their stamps and also to provide an historical reference for the stamp listings.


  • Prices have been thoroughly revised by leading experts in the field
  • Revised version of the International Philatelic Glossary
  • Specimen stamps for Bulgaria, Eastern Roumelia and Greece now included.
  • SPECIMEN stamps are now listed and priced.
  • A helpful guide included to aid the collector in using the catalogue
  • Contact details are provided for societies with an interest in Spain and Colonies


Apart from the stamps of the current issuing countries, the Stanley Gibbons Southern Balkans Catalogue covers a number of other areas of interest:

  • Greek Occupation of Albania
  • Saseno (Italian Occupation)
  • Eastern Roumelia and South Bulgaria
  • Epirus
  • Balkan War Issues
  • British Field Office in Salonica
  • Italian Occupation of Corfu
  • Italian Occupation of Corfu and Paxos
  • Italian Occupation of Cephalonia and Ithaca
  • Italian Occupation of the Ionian Islands
  • German Occupation of Zante
  • Castelrosso
  • Crete
  • French Post Office on Crete
  • Italian Post Office on Crete
  • Dodecanese Islands
  • Thrace

New issue listings updated as follows:

  • Albania - to December 2018
  • Bulgaria – December 2018
  • Greece – December 2018
  • Macedonia – December 2018

About Stanley Gibbons Catalogues

Stanley Gibbons is the world’s longest established rare stamp merchant. The world-famous Gibbons Catalogue was first published by Edward Stanley Gibbons in 1865 and sold for 2d., post free. The main catalogue now comprises several parts and is intended for the more advanced collector. Commonwealth and British Empire Stamps 1840–1952 includes all stamps of this area from the earliest issues up to the end of George VI’s reign and additionally lists and illustrates many of the better varieties popular with collectors. A series of single country or limited area catalogues covers Commonwealth countries from their first issues to date. Of the remaining parts, ten are devoted to European countries and eleven to ‘overseas’ countries. Thematic Catalogues are also published covering stamps featuring Aircraft; Birds; Butterflies and Insects; Chess; Fish; Fungi; Mammals; Motor Vehicles; Railways; Shells and Ships. Commonwealth and British Empire Stamps 1840–1952 and Stamps of the World are published, fully updated, each year, new editions of the others are published as required.

About Stamp Catalogs

The stamp catalogue, basically a dealer’s price-list, is a most essential work of reference for the stamp collector. It provides complete, detailed lists of all the postage stamps issued by every country in the world from the earliest days, with information about dates of issue, commemorative events, face values, colours and designs, and – if it is a fairly new catalogue – the current prices of the stamps, unused and postally used. For the beginner and general collector the most useful catalogue is the Stanley Gibbons Simplified Catalogue of Stamps of the World published in five volumes. This catalogue contains all the details – except perforations, watermarks, designers, printers and varieties – the average collector needs for every country.

[1: Stanley Gibbons Blog: How to use Stanley Gibbons Catalogues]


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