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Rarest Stamps: Most Valuable Falkland Islands Stamps

Author: Emil Drkusic
Date: 20/05/2024

We’ve already talked about the rarest stamps from Germany, France, the UK, Ireland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Australia, Canada, Spain, Portugal, Israel, Vatican, Italy, Switzerland, New Zealand, USA, and Monaco. Today we’ll take a look at the rarest and most valuable Falkland Islands stamps.

The Falkland Islands

Although relatively small and with small population, Falkland Islands have really a rich history. After the colonization by Europeans, islands had many settlements, including British, Argentine, French, and Spanish. Until today, Falkland Islands still causes problems between the UK and Argentina. While they are under the rule of the UK, Argentina claims these islands as its’ own. Spanish name of these islands is Islas Malvinas. In 1982 the UK and Argentine fought the Falklands War for the control of these islands.

King Penguin - Falkland Islands Stamp

King Penguin

Series: Centenary of British Occupation

Falkland Islands - 1933/01/02

Denomination: 5 s (Falkland Islands shilling)

For us, and related to the stamps we’ll see, it’s important that Britain reasserted its rule in 1833. On the first 2 Falkland Islands stamps we’ll see today - King Penguin & King George V - we can notice these stamps are issued as a 100th year anniversary of British control of the islands (part of the series the Centenary of British Occupation).

King King George V - Falkland Islands Stamp

King George V

Series: Centenary of British Occupation

Falkland Islands - 1933/01/02

Denomination: 1 £ (Falkland Islands pound)

Most Valuable Falkland Islands

The first Falkland Island stamps date back to 1878, and they have Queen Victoria as their motif.

“Letters exist emanating from the Falklands from the earliest date known as 15th February 1800. After local Black or Red Franks were used on envelopes from 1869, the first Falkland Islands postage stamps were issued in 1878.

From the first issue through to the present day, the stamps have been internationally recognized for their design and production qualities. The 1898 Victorian high values were voted among the most beautiful stamps ever produced.

The magnificent 1933 Centenary set to £1 is the most sought after Falkland Islands set of stamps worth many thousands of pounds.” - www.fiassociation.com

Windsor Castle and King George V - Falkland Islands Stamp

Windsor Castle and King George V

Series: Silver Jubilee of King George V

Falkland Islands - 1935/05/07

Denomination: 1 s (Falkland Islands shilling)

With the relatively low population, and relatively, I guess the interest for the Falkland Islands stamps is not so high. Still, number of stamps printed were also small, so the amount of them on the market is pretty limited, and that adds to the price. You probably won’t get really rich, but some of these stamps value between few hundreds of dollars to even few thousands of dollars. I’ve intentionally decided not to give any estimate, because the price could greatly vary because of low number of stamps, and potentially lower interest.

Today we’ve seen some of the most valuable Falkland Islands stamps. Feel free to check us because more articles in this series are coming soon. While you wait for them, take a look at previous articles from this series.

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