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Rarest Stamps: Most Valuable Luxembourg Stamps

Author: Emil Drkusic
Date: 27/06/2024

We’ve already talked about the rarest stamps from Germany, France, the UK, Ireland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Australia, Canada, Spain, Portugal, Israel, Vatican, Italy, Switzerland, New Zealand, USA, Monaco, Falkland Islands, Greece, and Austria. Today we’ll take a look at the rare and most valuable Luxembourg stamps.

The Postal History of Luxembourg and the First Stamps

POST Luxembourg dates back to the 18th century. These are milestones in POST's timeline:

  • 1842 - Foundation of the Postal Administration
  • 1852 - Issue of the first postage stamp
  • 1861 - Foundation of the Telegraph Administration
  • 1874 - Luxembourg is a founding member of the Universal Postal Union
  • 1880 - Installation of the first telephones
  • 1884 - Law on telegraph and telephone services
  • 1898 - First telephone connections with a foreign country (Belgium)

(Source: https://www.postgroup.lu)

Coat of Arms Luxembourg Stamps

Coat of Arms Luxembourg

Luxembourg – 1859/09/29 (first issue)

10 c. (Luxembourgish centime)

The most important for us is the fact that Luxembourg started issuing stamps in 1852. The design of the first stamp was the usual one for that period – bust of the ruler. The current ruler of Luxembourg was King William III - King of the Netherlands and Grand Duke of Luxembourg.

Note: Luxembourg was in personal union with the United Kingdom of the Netherlands until 1890 under the House of Orange-Nassau.

Coat of Arms Luxembourg Stamps

Coat of Arms Luxembourg

Luxembourg – 1859/09/29 (first issue)

12½ c. (Luxembourgish centime)

Most Valuable Luxembourg Stamps

Luxembourg stamps don’t achieve extremely high values, but there are some that have significant value, especially when compared with others. One source of value could be printing errors, and another one could be their age. Today, we’ll focus only on stamps, having their age in mind.

We’ve already seen Coat of Arms Luxembourg stamps dating back to 1859. The motif on these stamps is obviously the coat of arms with visible lion in the center and crown above it.

King William III Luxembourg Stamps

King William III

Luxembourg - 1852 (first issue)

1 Luxembourgish sol

We’ve also mentioned that King William III ruled Luxembourg at that time. While the post office had been already established before his reign started, he was already in office when the first stamp of Luxembourg had been issued. He stayed king until 1890 and witnessed many changes that happened to the postal service during that time.

King William III Luxembourg Stamps

King William III

Luxembourg - 1852/09/15 (first issue)

10 c. (Luxembourgish centime)

It’s hard to give estimate values of these stamps today, but I guess the 4 mentioned ones are the most valuable Luxembourg stamps.

Today we’ve seen some of the most valuable Luxembourg stamps. Feel free to check us because more articles in this series are coming soon. While you wait for them, take a look at previous articles from this series.

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