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Leuchtturm For the love of Collecting

Since its origins in 1917, Leuchtturm (aka LIGHTHOUSE) has developed into one of the leading companies in the world for collective systems of philatelic and numismatic accessories. More than 10.000 articles carry the symbol which has become word-wide the brand for high-quality standards: Leuchtturm.

Between tradition and innovation

Leuchtturm is not only known because of high-quality stamp and coin albums but also for its extensive philatelic competence in the elaboration of albums and support to collectors.

"Everything, except for stamps and coins" is the maxim of the company.

Philately and numismatic are hobbies with long tradition and rules. For that reason, Leuchtturm offers collectors a large range of proven products as well as tried and tested systems. Over the time, with the changes in the collecting of stamps and coins, new collective objects appear and collective habits change. Leuchtturm releases continuously new products that follow these new trends to correspond to the wishes of their customers.

Quality, made by Leuchtturm!

Leuchtturm produce the largest part of their products on their own premises and have a direct influence on the quality, starting with the purchase of material. Their suppliers guarantee that all stamps and coins which are stored in Leuchtturm products are well-protected!

Leuchtturm - The future has begun

Leuchtturm, a century of history. The company was founded in 1917 when the lithographer Paul Koch created the KABE publishing house in Aschersleben. KABE was the abbreviation for Koch & Bein. Bein was the name of his business partner. The KABE publishing house published first stamps and later also coin albums under the brand name "COMET". Paul Koch had to sell this first company in the 30s.

After the war Koch established a new firm in Hamburg in 1948: Leuchtturm, which also produced stamp albums.  Today, Leuchtturm is the biggest exporter of philatelic and coin accessories. To strengthen the strategic position of the company, Leuchtturm acquired the rights of the french MOC albums in 1990 and finally in 1997 the KABE publishing house which has reunified both publishing houses established by Paul Koch.

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