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New Stamps Around the World: January 2024

Author: Emil Drkusic
Date: 05/02/2024

Today we’ll travel around the world to see some interesting new stamps that were issued in January 2024. We’ll see a famous pop group, birds, and stamps celebration of old products.

Hafnia 2024 Philatelic Exhibition, Copenhagen

"HAFNIA 24 is a European Stamp Exhibition organized by Copenhagen Philatelic Club (Kjøbenhavns Philatelist Klub – KPK). The exhibition will take place in the period 17-20 October 2024 and the exhibition venue will be “Øksnehallen” in the center of Copenhagen.” - https://www.hafnia24.com

Hafnia 2024 Philatelic Exhibition, Copenhagen

Hafnia 2024 Philatelic Exhibition, Copenhagen

Denmark – 2024/01/02


Dove Carrying Letter, Bicycle and Sorting Box,

Mail Coach, Aircraft

"Issued in conjunction with the stamp exhibition HAFNIA 2024 at Øksnehallen in Copenhagen. The theme of the exhibition is 400 years of postal service in Denmark, celebrating the oldest post in the Nordic region. The souvenir sheet consists of four unique stamps, each created from iconic designs from previous issues." - www.nordfrim.com

Royal Mail Spice Girls Stamps 2024

"The Spice Girls were formed in 1994 by the father-and-son duo Bob and Chris Herbert, who sought to create a girl band to rival the charts’ prevailing boybands. They posted an advert in the Stage asking: “R.U. 18–23 with the ability to sing/dance?” A five-piece was assembled featuring Michelle Stephenson, who was soon replaced by Emma Bunton.

The band were hothoused in Maidenhead and gradually began to overpower their management, becoming frustrated at their slow progress and refusing to sign a contract on the advice of Victoria Beckham’s father. In March 1995, they claimed to have done a bunk from their residence in the middle of the night, stolen their master recordings from the management offices, and used the phone book to track down a songwriting collaborator, Eliot Kennedy, who had seen them perform at a showcase.” - www.theguardian.com

Spice Girls stamps 2024

Spice Girls stamps 2024

UK – 2024/01/11

1st class

1ST row: Spice Girls Performing at Brit Awards 1997, Melanie Chisolm Performing at Brit Awards 1998, Spice Girls Performing at Olympic Games, 2012, Geri Halliwell Performing at Brit Awards 1997, Spice Girls Performing in San Jose, 2007

2ND row: Emma Bunton Performing at Wembley Arena, 1998, Spice Girls Performing in Istanbul, Turkey, 1997, Victoria Beckham Performing in New York, 2008, Spice Girls Performing in Dublin, Ireland, 1998, Melanie Brown Performing at Brit Awards 1997

“By July 1995, the band had found new management with Simon Fuller and signed with Virgin Records. A year later, they would release Wannabe, a global chart-topping smash that became the bestselling debut single by an all-female group, and the first of nine UK No 1s for the band, including three Christmas No 1s." - www.theguardian.com

Birds of Bonaire Stamps - Netherlands

"The stamp sheet about birds on Bonaire is part of the 2024-2026 Experience nature series dedicated to the Caribbean Netherlands. In the series, four stamp sheets are issued every year, each comprising ten different stamps. The stamps depict plants and animals found in this part of the Netherlands. With thousands of species of plants and animals, the islands in this area have a biodiversity that is unprecedented by Dutch standards. 2024 will consecutively focus on the birds, butterflies, underwater life and flora on the island of Bonaire. Experience nature - Birds on Bonaire features the crested caracara, red-footed booby, mangrove warbler, southern lapwing, Venezuelan troupial, Caribbean flamingo, red ibis, yellow-shouldered amazon, magnificent frigatebird and ruby-topaz hummingbird.” - www.wopa-plus.com

Birds of Bonaire

Birds of Bonaire

Netherlands – 2024/01/02

1 º - No Face Value

Classic Fruit Can Labels Stamps - Australia

Classic Fruit Can Labels

Classic Fruit Can Labels

Australia – 2024/01/22

1.20 AUD

Letona Peaches, Amber Glow Pineapple, KY Bartlett Pears

"From the 1920s until the 1970s, colourful paper labels were pasted onto the ends of wooden fruit cases, as a means of identifying and promoting their contents as well as the growers, shippers and exporters of the era. The brightest designs were usually reserved for Australia’s expanding fruit export industry, especially fruit bound for Britain and Europe. Australian fruit labels presented an idealised and stylised view of Australia and were heavily influenced by their American counterparts. While fruit labels were produced for pears, grapes, citrus and more, the dominant fruit in labelling terms was apples, and the dominant apple-growing state was Tasmania, which became aptly known as the “apple isle”." - australiapostcollectables.com.au

Classic Belgian Motorcycles Stamps

The last sheet we’ll se today is related to classic Belgian motorcycles.

Classic Belgian Motorcycles

Classic Belgian Motorcycles

Belgium – 2024/01/22

2 º - No Face Value

FN 4 Cylinder, 1912, Piedboeuf, 1903, Socovel, 1941,

Gillet Sport "Tour du Monde" 1926, Sarolea Atlantic, 1955

The following motorcycles are motifs on these 5 beautiful stamps: FN 4 Cylinder, 1912, Piedboeuf, 1903, Socovel, 1941, Gillet Sport "Tour du Monde" 1926, Sarolea Atlantic, 1955.

Don’t forget to check the next article where we’ll cover new interesting stamps from February 2024. We can already see some very interesting issues.

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