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Philately and Eurosong: Eurovision Song Contest 2023

Author: Emil Drkusic
Date: 18/04/2023

Eurovision Song Contest 2023 is coming soon. Therefore, let’s take a look at some interesting facts related to this upcoming event. We’ll also see Eurosong-related stamps. In this article we’ll cover Ukraine Eurosong-related stamps.

Eurovision Song Contest - Liverpool 2023

The Eurovision Song Contest 2023 shall start with the Semi-final 1 on 9 May 2023 (Tuesday), continue with the Semi-final 1 on 11 May 2023 (Thursday), and have a grand final on 13 May 2023 (Sunday). It is the 67th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. Although Ukraine was the winner of the 2022 contest, due to the ongoing war in Ukraine the 2023 contest shall take place in Liverpool, United Kingdom.

Kalush Orchestra, Eurovision 2022 Winners - Ukraine stamp

Kalush Orchestra, Eurovision 2022 Winners

Ukraine - 2023/04/10

15 ₴ - Ukrainian hryvnia

"The Eurovision Song Contest was created by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) in 1956 as a way to promote unity and cultural exchange among European countries after World War II.

The first contest was held in Lugano, Switzerland, and featured just seven countries. Since then, the competition has grown to include over 40 countries, including some outside of Europe, such as Israel and Australia." - https://www.firstmats.co.uk/blogs/buying-guides/eurovision-2023-fun-facts-and-statistics

“This year Liverpool will host the Eurovision Song Contest on behalf of Ukraine. The Grand Final will take place in the Liverpool M&S Bank Arena on Saturday 13 May with Semi-Finals on Tuesday 9 and Thursday 11 May.” - https://www.visitliverpool.com/eurovision-2023/

Ukraine on Eurovision Song Contest

Eurosong is always more than just a song contest. While it’s definitely primarily the song contest, you can’t imagine it without scandals and politics. Nobody could deny that some countries prefer giving highest points to same countries each year. Of course, that’s not only related to politics only, but also to the culture of the specific area.

Still, from February 24, 2022 (actually from 2014), war in Ukraine is almost daily the central topic around the world.

As mentioned, this also impacted the location of the Eurosong 2023. This could be a reason why Ukraine won two contests – 2016 contest in Stockholm, (Jamala – “1944”) and 2022 contest in Turin (Kalush Orchestra – “Stefania”).

Eurovision Song Contest 2005 stamp - Kyiv Ukraine

Eurovision Song Contest 2005

Ukraine – 2005/05/19

2.50 ₴ - Ukrainian hryvnia

Before the war, Ukraine also won the 2004 contest, in Istanbul (Ruslana - "Wild Dances").

Therefore, Kyiv was the host of the Eurosong 2 times – in 2005, and in 2017. Unfortunately, that won’t be the case this year.

Eurovision Song Contest 2005 stamp - Ukraine - Ruslana

Eurovision 2005

Ukraine - 2005/05/19

7*45 Ukrainian kopiyka

Eurovision Song Contest 2005 stamp - Ukraine - Jamala

7*45 Ukrainian kopiyka

Eurovision Song Contest 2017 - Jamala

Ukraine - 2017/05/05

4 ₴ - Ukrainian hryvnia

Favorites on Eurovision Song Contest

It’s always hard to predict who will be the winner, but you can take a look at the odd here https://eurovisionworld.com/odds/eurovision. As it stands, Loreen with the song “Tattoo” is the huge favorite.

While Croatia is not among the favorites, “Mama ŠČ!” by Let 3 is probably the song that will cause a lot of comments.

It’s hard to put all references in the article, but luckily, Eurovision Histories made a video covering shock-rock Let 3 (calling them musical Monty Python) and references in “Mama ŠČ!”.

Funny Eurosong Quotes

"Why can't we compete? We're the most European country in the world; we invented the frappuccino and the g-string. We eat way more pizza than Italy, and we're this close to electing Benito Mussolini." - Stephen Colbert after reviewing the 2016 contest and thinking America should be given a chance.

"It's like all your talent shows, but instead of laughing at a contestant, we get to laugh at an entire country." - Anonymous comment on Youtube, explaining Eurovision to a novice.

"Here's the formula: You take American Idol, you add Sábado Gigante, and put parentheses around that. Then, you multiply that by Solid Gold. Then you put to the power of RuPaul's Drag Race. Divide that whole sum by Model UN, and you have the Eurovision Song Contest." - Glen Weldon on NPR's Pop Culture Happy Hour, describing the show after it was broadcast in America for the first time.

Today we’ve mentioned some important facts regarding upcoming Eurovision Song Contest 2023. If you want to read more regarding Eurosong and philately, feel free to continue reading Philately and Eurovision Song Festival: And the Winner is...

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