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New Stamps Around the World: April 2023

Author: Emil Drkusic
Date: 04/05/2023

Today we’ll travel around the world to see some interesting new stamps that were issued in April 2023. We’ll see presidents and artists, science and art, weapons and dinosaurs. We’ll travel to UK, Russia, Ukraine, USA, China, and even to the moon.

Football stamp (Italy) and President on stamp (Poland)

Hellas Verona Football Club stamp Italy 2023

Hellas Verona Football Club, 120 Years

Italy – 2023/04/01

1.20 € (Euro)

We’ll start our journey in Italy and 120th anniversary (founded by a group of high school students in 1903) of Hellas Verona club foundation.  

Stanislaw Wojciechowski, President of Poland stamp - Poland 2023

Stanislaw Wojciechowski, President of Poland

Poland – 2023/04/01

3.90 zł (Polish złoty)

Next, we’ll move to Poland who celebrated Stanislaw Wojciechowski. He was the 2nd president (in office from December 22, 1922 to May 14, 1926) of the Second Polish Republic.

Note: The 1st president of the Second Polish Republic was Gabriel Narutowicz (in office from December 11, 1922 –December 16, 1922).

Street art stamp (Germany) and Eurosong winner stamp (Ukraine)

Series: Street Art stamp - Germany 2023

Series: Street Art

Germany – 2023/04/06

0.85 Euro cent

We’ll go a bit west from Poland now, and we’re in Germany celebrating street art.

Kalush Orchestra, Eurovision 2022 Winners stamp - Ukraine 2023

Kalush Orchestra, Eurovision 2022 Winners

Ukraine - 2023/04/10

15 ₴ (Ukrainian hryvnia)

With Eurosong Song Contest 2023 contest closing in, let’s take a look at Eurovision 2022 winners - Kalush Orchestra from Ukraine.

Cosmonautics Day stamp (Russia) and The Legend of Robin Hood stamp series (UK)

Cosmonautics Day stamp - Russia 2023

Cosmonautics Day

Russia - 2023/04/12

19 ₽ (Russian ruble)

Russia celebrates Cosmonautics Day on 12 April in memory of the first crewed space flight made. On April 12, 1961, Yuri Gagarin circled the Earth in Vostok 1, for 1 hour and 48 minutes.

The Legend of Robin Hood stamp series - UK 2023

The Legend of Robin Hood

Robin Hood is declared an outlaw, Robin Hood meets Little John, Friar Tuck carries Robin Hood, Robin Hood robs the rich, Robin Hood wins the archery contest,

Robin Hood captures the Sheriff, Robin Hood helps Maid Marian escape, Robin Hood and Maid Marian marry, King Richard removes his disguise, Robin Hood shoots his last arrow

UK – 2023/04/13


The Legend of Robin Hood is one of the most famous stories around the world. It included everything – villain, hero, a king, fight and shooting, friendship and romance. Robin Hood was mentioned first in 1377 by William Langland, many authors later wrote their versions. I'll mention “The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood of Great Renown in Nottinghamshire” (1883) by Howard Pyle, “Bold Robin Hood and His Outlaw Band” (1912) by Louis Rhead, and “Robin Hood” (1917), by Paul Creswick.

The Bell of Notre Dame stamp (France) and Aragosaurus ischiaticus stamp (Spain)

The Bell of Notre Dame stamp - France 2023

The Bell of Notre Dame (Series: Treasures of Notre Dame Cathedral)

France – 2023/04/17

1.80 € (Euro)

“One year after the fire that devastated Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral, France’s La Poste will begin a series of stamps devoted to that cathedral’s treasures.” - www.linns.com

The last stamp in this series shows the bell of Notre Dame.

Juvenia 2023 Philatelic Exhibition: Aragosaurus ischiaticus stamp - Spain 2023

Juvenia 2023 Philatelic Exhibition: Aragosaurus ischiaticus

Spain – 2023/04/19

1.65 € (Euro)

"The 61st National Philatelic Exhibition and Spanish Championship, EXFILNA 2023, will take place in Teruel from 19 to 23 April 2023. It is organised by the Spanish Federation, FESOFI, and the Spanish Post (Correos)."

"Along with EXFILNA 2023, FESOFI also organises the 28th National Exhibition of Youth Philately and Spanish Championship, JUVENIA 2023." - fepanews.com

Zastava Arms Factory stamp (Serbia) and Travelling to the Moon series (Netherlands)

Zastava Arms Factory, 170 Years stamp - Serbia 2023

Zastava Arms Factory, 170 Years (Series: Industrial Heritage of Serbia)

Serbia - 2023/04/20

48 din (Serbian dinar)

The Post of Serbia celebrated 170th anniversary of (Crvena/Red) Zastava/Flag Arms Factory.

Travelling to the Moon stamp series - Netherlands 2023

Series: Travelling to the Moon

Netherlands - 2023/04/21


"The Journey to the moon stamp sheet features nine stamps with illustrations related to space. The 10th stamp featuring the moon is missing. The stamp with the moon is symbolised by the punched-out circle, and PostNL plans to issue it when man sets foot on the moon again around 2025. This tenth stamp will then complete the journey to the moon series." - www.wopa-plus.com

The Art of Roy Lichtenstein series (USA) and Northeastern University, Shenyang stamp (China)

The Art of Roy Lichtenstein stamp series - USA 2023

The Art of Roy Lichtenstein (Series: Roy Lichtenstein, Artist)

USA – 2023/04/24


Now we’ll go overseas to see some art by Roy Lichtenstein. He was one of the 1960s artists calling themselves pop artists because of using pop culture (fast food, comics, celebrities, etc.) as an inspiration.

Northeastern University, Shenyang, Centenary stamp - China 2023

Northeastern University, Shenyang, Centenary

China - 2023/04/26

1.20 ¥ (Chinese renminbi yuan)

We’ll end the today’s journey in China with this sheet 100th anniversary of founding The Northeastern University in Shenyang.


This is the first article in the series. It’s not easy to track all new and interesting stamp issues, so be sure not to miss the upcoming article covering new stamps issued in May 2023.

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