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Egyptology and Philately: Pharaohs on Stamps

Author: Emil Drkusic
Date: 02/05/2023

2023 started with some interesting discoveries in Egypt - two ancient tombs as part of excavation at Saqqara Necropolis, and new Great Pyramid discovery. Today we’ll talk about Pharaoh’s golden parade, and we’ll see some important pharaohs on stamps.

Pharaohs' Golden Parade on Stamps

I guess that one of the first things that come into your mind when you mention Egypt are pyramids. Also, there are many other things that are closely related to Egypt – The Nile River, the city of Alexandria, Egyptian hieroglyphs. Ancient Egyptians gave great contribution to mathematics, science, architecture and medicine. And their specialty was preserving the dead with using the mummification process. This is where Pharaohs mummies come to our story.

"The Pharaonic civilization is one of the oldest and greatest civilizations in the world, which is characterized by vast manifestations of art and ingenuity that dazzled the entire world throughout history. To this day, scientists fail to discover many secrets and wonders despite the advancement in equipment and technology they use. For example, many scientists believe that those who built the pyramids were in fact aliens, because of the architectural and engineering wonders that exceeds the limited possibilities of that period, and this indicates the ingenuity of the Pharaohs. The pyramids, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, were built in the era of the Fourth Dynasty, and were designed as tombs for the pharaohs of this dynasty. Past forward to our modern world, the Pharaohs’ Golden Parade is an event unlike any other." - https://www.globalizationpartners.com/2022/08/31/things-to-know-about-the-pharaohs-golden-parade/

The Pharaoh's Golden Parade - Egypt 2021 stamps

The Pharaoh's Golden Parade

1: Queen Hatshepsut, King Thutmose III, King Thutmose I, Queen Meritamun, King Amenhotep I, Queen Ahmose-Nefertari, King Seqenenre Tao,

2: King Amenhotep III, King Thutmose IV, King Amenhotep II, King Thutmose III,

3: King Merenptah, King Ramesses II, King Seti I, Queen Tiye,

4: King Ramesses IX, King Ramesses VI, King Ramesses V, King Ramesses IV, King Ramesses III, King Siptah, King Seti II

Egypt – 2021/04/03

5 £ - Egyptian pound

The Pharaohs' Golden Parade took place in Cairo (Egypt) on April 3, 2021. 22 mummies, 18 kings and 4 queens (belonging to 17th, 18th, 19th, and 20th dynasties) were moved from the Egyptian Museum to the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization in Fustat. The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization is the first museum devoted only to the Egyptian civilization. While it was partially opened in 2017, it was officially inaugurated on April 3, 2021. So, this explains why the Pharaohs' Golden Parade actually happened.

Tutankhamun Tomb Discovery on Stamps

Tutankhamun definitely wasn’t one of the most important rulers in the history of Egypt. This is also related to the fact that he died really young, at age 18 or 19, and ruled for around 10 years.

Tutankhamun Tomb Discovery - UK 2022 stamps

Series: Tutankhamun Tomb Discovery

Objects in the antechamber, Head of the outermost coffin,

Examining the innermost coffin, Moving small shrine to laboratory

UK – 2022/11/24

1ST, £1.85

Still, the discovery of Tutankhamun's Tomb, by British archaeologist Howard Carter, in 1922, renewed the interest in Egyptology.  This discovery is also considered to be one of the most important archeological discoveries of the 20th century. What makes this discovery so important is that fact that the tomb remained sealed for over 3000 years, and it was well-preserved. This allowed us to get better insight in burial rituals, architecture, art, materials and techniques Ancient Egyptians used.

Tutankhamun Tomb Discovery - UK 2022 stamps

Series: Tutankhamun Tomb Discovery

Head of the king, Inlaid Fan, Gold Mask, Falcon Pendant,

Lion Couch, Throne, Boat model, Guardian Statue

UK – 2022/11/24

2ND, 1ST, £1.85, £2.55

Needless to say, the tomb contained a number of valuable artifacts, including gold, furniture, food, and wine. Some of the most important artifacts discovered in the tomb are: the golden funerary mask (Mask of Tutankhamun), the golden throne (Golden Throne of Tutankhamun), six chariots, four canopic jars, and nested gilded shrines. You can see some of them on the Royal Mail stamps, from the Tutankhamun Tomb Discovery series.


The discovery of Tutankhamun's Tomb is probably the most important archeological discovery related to Egyptology. While pyramids and The (Great) Sphinx (of Giza) are definitely monumental, the discovery of Tutankhamun's Tomb probably did much more for Egyptology.

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