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Paris on Stamps

Author: Emil Drkusic
Date: 28/03/2024

Paris was founded around 3rd century BCE by a Gallic tribe called Parisii. Since that time Paris has developed and became one of the most important and well-known cities in the world. Today, we’ll talk about some of the most important landmarks of Paris. And see them on stamps too.

Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is one of the most famous landmarks globally, not only for Paris. I guess that anyone who would see the picture of the Eiffel Tower would have Paris in mind right away. We already wrote about Gustave Eiffel and the Eiffel Tower.

Fiftieth anniversary of the Eiffel Tower postage stamp

Fiftieth anniversary of the Eiffel Tower

France – 1939/05/05

90+50 c (French centime)

The Eiffel Tower is the engineering marvel build from more than 18.000 iron parts that are so perfectly blend together so it still stands after more than 130 years. Therefore, it’s no wonder that the Eiffel Tower, opened in 1889, stands tall on French stamps today.

The Louvre

The Louvre Museum (Musée du Louvre) is one of the largest and globally most important museums. Among many masterpieces you could see in The Louvre are: Mona Lisa (La Joconde) by Leonardo da Vinci, Venus de Milo, Winged Victory of Samothrace (Nike of Samothrace), and Code of Hammurabi.

Bicentennial of the creation of the Louvre Museum postage stamp

Bicentennial of the creation of the Louvre Museum

France – 1993/11/20

4.40 + 2.80 F (French franc)

Besides exhibits, The Louvre Palace (Palais du Louvre) had the rich history. King Phillip II built a fortress in the late 12th century. During centuries, a lot of changes happened blending medieval, Renaissance, and modern styles. In 1793 it was finally opened to the public.

Notre Dame Cathedral

While creating this list, I had a problem to choose which landmark to move up on the list. The Notre Dame Cathedral could easily be on the top of the list. The construction began in the 12th century and the cathedral is the masterpiece of the French Gothic architecture.

The cathedral hosted many significant events in the French history with the most notable being the coronation of Henry VI of England (1431) and the beatification of Joan of Arc (1909).

The Bell of Notre Dame postage stamp

The Bell of Notre Dame (Series: Treasures of Notre Dame Cathedral)

France – 2023/04/17

1.80 € (Euro)

“One year after the fire that devastated Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral, France’s La Poste will begin a series of stamps devoted to that cathedral’s treasures.” - www.linns.com

The Palace of Versailles

The Palace of Versailles is also one of the well-known Paris landmarks. OK, technically, it’s 20km southwest from Paris. Before it was turned into the place, in late 17th century, it was a royal hunting lodge. Together with the place, the gardens were also designed. Besides the gardens, the Hall of Mirrors (Galerie des Glaces) was also deigned.

The Gardens of Versailles: Tribute to Le Nôtre postage stamp

The Gardens of Versailles: Tribute to Le Nôtre

France – 2001/04/15

4.40 F (French franc) / 0.67 € (Euro)

The palace hosted some major events like:

  • Treaty of Versailles, ending WWI - signed in the Hall of Mirrors on June 28, 1919,
  • Wedding of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette (1770),
  • Proclamation of the German Empire – held in the Hall of Mirrors on January 18, 1871.

Arc de Triomphe

The last on our list of well-known Paris landscapes is the Arc de Triomphe. “Arc de Triomphe, massive triumphal arch in Paris, France, one of the world’s best-known commemorative monuments. The Arc de Triomphe is an iconic symbol of French national identity and took 30 years to build. Napoleon I commissioned the triumphal arch in 1806—after his great victory at the Battle of Austerlitz (1805)—to celebrate the military achievements of the French armies. Construction of the arch began in 1806, on August 15, Napoleon’s birthday. The basic structure of the monument was finished by 1831; work was completed in 1836, during the reign of King Louis-Philippe, who opened it officially on July 29.” - www.britannica.com

Arc de Triomphe postage stamp

Arc de Triomphe

France – 1944/10/05

5 c (French centimes)

German troops parade past the Arc de Triomphe in Paris after they occupied Paris in June 1940. On August 26, 1944, following the liberation of Paris, Allies marched down the Champs-Élysées, passing under the Arc de Triomphe.

Today we’ve seen some well-known Paris landmarks. While you wait for the next article, feel free to take a look at some France-related articles.

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