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Rarest Stamps: Most Valuable Monaco Stamps

Author: Emil Drkusic
Date: 05/03/2024

We’ve already talked about the rarest stamps from Germany, France, the UK, Ireland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Australia, Canada, Spain, Portugal, Israel, Vatican, Italy, Switzerland, New Zealand, and USA. Today we’ll take a look at the rarest and most valuable Monaco stamps.

The Principality of Monaco

Principality of Monaco, or shorter, Monaco is a microstate on the French Riviera. It was established in 1297 when the House of Grimaldi seized control of the area. Throughout the history, using diplomatic skills, and with many treaties, Monaco remained a sovereign state, until these days.

French War Widows and Orphans - Monaco stamp 1919

French War Widows and Orphans

Monaco – 1919

Denomination: 5 F (Monegasque franc)

Estimated value: 1.400 USD

"In 1297, François Grimaldi ("Malizia", translated from Italian as "The Cunning") disguised as a Franciscan monk alongside his cousin Rainier I and his men captured the fortress atop the Rock of Monaco.

At his death in 1309, François Grimaldi was succeeded by his cousin, Rainier I.

His son, Charles Grimaldi, who would come to be known as Charles I, is considered by historians to be the real founder of the Principality. He added the areas of Menton and Roquebrune, increasing the size of the Principality. Charles I had an important role in the court of the King of France. Rainier II never entered Monaco, and divided the land between his three sons, Ambrose, Antoine, and Jean." - monacodc.org

First Stamps of Monaco

Monaco issued first stamps on July 1, 1885. All stamps issued in 1885 had a bust of Prince Charles III as the motif.

Prince Charles III - Monaco stamp 1885

Prince Charles III (rose on green)

Monaco – 1885/09/07

Denomination: 5 F (Monegasque franc)

Estimated value: 1.600 USD

“Prince Charles III (1818-1889) is famous for having come up with the idea that a district in Monaco could be put aside for bathing in the sea and for leisure activities. Prince Charles gave his name to that place which, since it is raised above the rest of the land, is now called Monte-Carlo. The financial windfall that Monte-Carlo provided led the way to modern-day Monaco, allowing the Principality to become involved in projects which diversified the economy.

Charles III played an important role in the affirmation of Monaco’s sovereignty. He established diplomatic and consular relations with other countries, found a national flag for the Principality, provided the Principality with a medal (the Order of Saint-Charles) as well as an autonomous diocese, reestablished monetary impressions and also issued the first postage stamp in the history of the Principality in 1885.” - en.gouv.mc

Prince Charles III - Monaco stamp 1885

Prince Charles III

Monaco – 1885/09/07

Denomination: 1 F (Monegasque franc)

Estimated value: 2.400 USD

Most Valuable Monaco Stamps

In our list of the 5 valuable Monaco stamps, you’ll see 2 different designs. One is dating back to 1885 and is, previously mentioned, bust of the Prince Charles III. Of course, this design comes in different denominations and colour variants and therefore some are more valuable compared to others.

Prince Charles III - Monaco stamp 1885

Prince Charles III (carmine red)

Monaco – 1885/09/07

Denomination: 5 F (Monegasque franc)

Estimated value: 4.700 USD

The second design originally dates back to 1919 and represents war widow with Monaco in the background. The 1920 version with overprint is more valuable compared to the original 1919 version.

French War Widows and Orphans - Monaco stamp 1920

French War Widows and Orphans (1920 overprint)

Monaco – 1920/03/17

Denomination: 5+5 F (Monegasque franc)

Estimated value: 5.000 USD

Today we’ve seen top 5 most valuable Monaco stamps. Feel free to check us because more articles in this series are coming soon. While you wait for them, take a look at previous articles from this series.

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